Eric Hart


My name is Eric Hart. While I’ve owned this web domain name for a very long time, it's sat empty (until now) and served only as a family/friends email domain. I have no social media presence (for some reason that just never caught on with me.) I do have a facebook page, but it has no activity or photos and has only been used to re-connect with old friends.

I realized that I should throw up some quick/temporary content to introduce myself to some very special people I recently learned about, who have no idea who I am, and that might want to learn a little about me.


Jimmy, Eric, Joshua

Neither my wife nor I are shutterbugs, so we have very few photos. Most of these are older. This one is the most recent we have. It was taken in 2017 in Port Angeles WA shortly after we moved to Port Orchard WA (our current home town.) Joshua is dressed as the video game character “Link”, and Jimmy is wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog hat. You can't tell from the picture, but both boys have super long hair.

Joshua, Eric, Jimmy

Me and our 2 boys in 2015 at Montezuma's Castle in Arizona. We lived in Arizona for 11 years from 2005 to 2016!

Eric, Banjo

Me and our family dog chilling out in the back yard of our Arizona house. Taken in 2011. We adopted Banjo as a 2 year old pup. He passed away peacefully last June at age 14. We miss him big time.

Eric, Joshua

My oldest son and I at Magic Mountain in California. Taken in 2011. We took him there for a High School band competition in Valencia.

Joshua, Eric, Jimmy

Me and the boys at a Christmas event in 2007.

Jimmy, Eric, Patty, Joshua

Our whole family in Arizona, including my unreasonably beautiful wife, Patty, who manages to appear in far too few photos (just like my mom that way.)

Joshua, Jimmy, Patty, Banjo, Eric

Shortly after we adopted our dog, Banjo. Taken in 2008.

Jimmy, Joshua

Taken at our home in Arizona. The kind of pictures that make you long for grandkids.

Eric, Jimmy, Joshua

The boys and I riding a train at a local park, the year we moved to Arizona (2005).

Patty, Eric

My wife and I while we were dating mid 90's

A snapshot of a page about me from my Grandpa's autobiogaphy (featuring misspellings of my wife's name...oops!)

Photos From My Mom's Life

Ruth, Eric

Me looking goofy next to my mom looking super gorgeous. Probably early 80's

Bonnie, Ruth, Jim, Eric, Ralph

A family trip to Lake Tahoe, complete with ill-advised 80's man-perms. My mom and sister are on the left. The man in the middle is Jim Hart, my mom's husband from 1981 until she died about 6 or 7 years after this photo. The man on the right is his uncle Ralph.


Mid 1980s.

Ruth, Eric

Probably taken 1980 or very late 70's (best guess)


A damaged photo of my mom. I believe early 1970s after I was born (best guess)


My mom in her skating outfit, 1964. She was a competitive ice skater.


Me as a young kid.